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Reverse Kickstarter 

Not long ago, this well-meaning white woman named Jenny Niezgoda, attracted media attention and discontent from the Barrio Logan community. Her lack of research led to a cringey kickstarter campaign to fund her "modern fruiteria" (seen here) 

After fewer than three days of having the video live, she made the campaign page private; by then, it had pooled merely $812 of its stated $35,000 goal. She has since locked her own Instagram account and disabled the comments on La Gracia's Instagram. She has scrubbed her blog of any posts mentioning the project. La Gracia, Niezgoda announced in a rueful Facebook post , would not open.

 full article found here


Donations for
Brown Berets

while her attempts to better the community through her fruiteria were unfulfilled, there is a possibility to take that momentum and raise money for the viable community. Instead, let's fundraise for the Brown Berets to support their goal of CPR certification among the San Diego chapter. $5 or more appreciated!

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