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Dana was my wonderful dad’s girlfriend after my mom died. She wasn’t awful, but she was definitely a huckster. We all verbalized concern but my dad wasn’t easily convinced. So when they were planning to move to Arizona together,I made this amulet: a little bottle with her name on it. I put it around my neck and said “I put her soul in this bottle, and if she messes with my dad I’ll destroy this bottle and her soul along with it.” Two weeks later, he called her out on her ulterior motives and they broke up. I don’t necessarily believe in spells or the supernatural, but if definitely felt spooky.


The Scale to Measure how much you're settling


The Hole to Bury Your

Emotions Into

Arrive at a hands and knees position.


Place mouth over the hole.

Emote audibly into the hole.

Hayes Valley Art Works, 2016


Part of an ongoing exploration, I hosted and taught a rebranded version of a famous aerobics class rooted in my childhood, family, and hometown.

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